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Travelling in economy class seats can, at times, be less than ideal. It may be because you are on a long haul or overnight flight, or maybe you’re travelling for work with a jam packed itinerary and a busy few days ahead of you. Upgrading to business class, or even first class can make a huge difference to your journey by giving you that added bit of extra luxury and comfort. Experienced travel agents Southall Travel can provide travellers, holidaymakers and business people alike with the best deals on business and first class airline seats.

Southall TravelFor many popular destinations all across the globe; like Africa, the Indian Ocean, New Zealand and Australia, the Far East, etc., Southall Travel have access to unbeatable airfares with a range of airlines. Southall Travel’s experienced and knowledgeable travel professionals are dedicated to finding the best deals for clients, and they have been successfully doing so for years. Make the most of their expertise and insider knowledge and book your next trip with Southall Travel.

For long haul flights, or if you are travelling for business, or even if you just feel like treating yourself, upgrading your seat can ensure that you are as comfortable and relaxed as possible on your journey. On overnight flights, that added comfort can mean the difference between a good night’s sleep and a bad one, and can affect your mood and energy levels for days to come.

Southall Travel offer amazing services to build a custom travel plan around you and your travel requirements. Experienced travel agents will work with you to map out every detail and requirement of your trip, and ensure your every need is met. Flexibility is the key, and Southall Travel have plenty of it. Whether you need a direct flight, an internal connection, a round the world trip, or a trip with multiple stops, Southall Travel will ensure your every need is met; you can even choose which airline you fly with!

All of these amazing services come at the market’s most competitive prices. Think you can’t afford first class seat on an aeroplane? Think again! Southall Travel are dedicated to bringing you the best travel deals with the most value at the lowest prices, so get in touch today.

Visit New Zealand with Southall Travel

New Zealand is an island nation like no other in the world. Unique in culture, history and landscape, New Zealand’s popularity as a travel destination is growing. New Zealand has so much to offer to visitors and tourists: rich culture and fascinating history, stunning scenery of mountains and coastline, multicultural cities with great shopping and a buzzing nightlife, plus opportunities for both adventure and relaxation.

Southall TravelVisiting one of New Zealand’s larger cities, like Auckland or Wellington, is guaranteed to intrigue and excite. There is plenty of remarkable architecture to see; you can visit museums to learn about the native Maori people and New Zealand’s rich history, experience the Polynesian influence in New Zealand culture, and sample the unique cuisine.

If something more active and adventurous is what you seek, then why not look into white water rafting, sky diving, or even set off on a hike into the country’s stunning and mysterious hills and mountains. For those with less of a dare devil approach to life, tour one of New Zealand’s famous vineyards (and don’t forget to sample some of the produce, too!), or just relax and unwind in the lush and picturesque scenery.

If you’re unsure where to visit on your next trip, then consider New Zealand. If you’ve been dying to visit the kiwi country, contact Southall Travel to arrange your trip. Southall Travel customers have exclusive access to special package holidays and all kinds of discounts and deals. Southall Travel can create a custom holiday package for your trip to New Zealand, ensuring you won’t miss out on anything and will make the most of your time there.

Southall Travel’s experienced travel advisors can find you a great deal on flights to New Zealand, as well as accommodation for your stay. Southall Travel can also arrange any internal travel, transfers or connections you may need once there. What’s more, Southall Travel’s agents can even help you to plan an itinerary and book any activities of excursions that take your interest.

When visiting New Zealand, Southall Travel really do provide the whole package. Booking your trip with them means every detail is covered and your every need is catered for. All that you are left to do is sit back, relax and enjoy your holiday.

What to do in Dubai? | Southall Travel

If you want to experience a city break like no other, then think about heading to the majestic city of Dubai. The metropolis of Dubai sits right on the shores of the Persian Gulf and promises to be a lavish and cosmopolitan holiday location. The city itself is spectacular to see, as well as being renowned worldwide for its excellent shopping districts. What’s more, there is a huge range of activities for tourists to take part in, including golfing, desert safaris, man-made islands, and more.

Southall TravelThe city of Dubai itself is a sight to behold. Ultra-modern skyscrapers tower overhead some of the most unique and astonishing architecture you will ever see; particularly arranged man-made islands float off the shorelines, restaurants and hotels below the surface of the water, and building in shapes you wouldn’t have thought possible. You can take a tour of city to see all the sights and architecture, and to experience the dynamic lifestyle and culture of Dubai.

Visiting the marketplaces is an absolute must for visitors, too. You can watch the master hagglers at work, and then have a go yourself in the spice souk or gold souk. Dubai is well known for having cheap gold available in its marketplaces, but you will have to fine tune your bartering skills to get a good deal. But, if haggling isn’t your cup of tea, there are plenty of museums and monuments to see, and a rich and intriguing history to immerse yourself into.

Dubai has been dubbed the ‘Shopper’s Paradise’, and it’s no surprise why. Dubai is home to many a spectacular shopping mall – and the city even has its very own Shopping Festival. There are dozens of malls and shopping centres to explore, with just about every type of shop you could imagine; from restaurants to department stores. Whilst the more traditional marketplaces and bazaars are certainly a must-see for visitors, be sure to take some spending money with you so that you can experience the other end of the shopping spectrum.

Dubai also has plenty to offer to those seeking a little more activity on their trip. Thrill seekers, why not book yourself a place on a desert safari? You can have a camel ride, go sandboarding and see, first hand, the amazing expanses of desert. If you choose to go on an overnight safari, you will also be watching the sun set, having dinner, and enjoying a performance from traditional belly dancers before bed.

Experienced travel agents like Southall Travel can help you to book your perfect Dubai trip today. Whether you want to make the most of the shopping experience, cuisine, or a trip out into the desert, Southall Travel have all the connections, knowledge and experience to make your every want and desire, come true.

Why Customers Choose Southall Travel | Southall Travel

Every year, thousands of travellers choose to book their holidays using Southall Travel’s excellent, customer oriented travel agency services. Customers trust Southall Travel thanks to their years of experience supplying first rate holiday packages, as well as their dedication to providing the most helpful, attentive and friendly customer service. Over the past twelve months, more than 365,000 customers have trusted Southall Travel’s high quality service.

The Southall Travel Group was established way back in 1984, and for over 25 years they have striven to provide the best travel services to customers. Over the years, their team of experts has learnt everything there is to know about the travel industry and have become experts in finding the best holidays for the lowest prices. Wherever you want to go, their team can route out the best deal for the holiday of your dream.

Southall Travel

Customers also choose Southall Travel because they know they can rely on excellent customer service. Their dedicated team of experts are committed to providing an individual service for every customer. Southall Travel operates a 24 hour phone service that means customers can speak to a travel consultant whenever they need to sort out any problem they may be concerned by.

Their intuitive website is also popular amongst customers. Their website is extensive and easy to use; customers can visit the Southall Travel website at any time of day to browse through their incredibly expansive array of holiday deals. Once customers have decided upon their vacation of choice, they can book with just a few clicks of a button online. Alternatively, if they prefer, customers can book by talking to a person over the phone.

Booking your dream holiday with Southall Travel is also totally secure. Customers choose Southall Travel because they can rely on their ‘best price guarantee’ to make their holidays totally affordable. Customers can also feel secure that they are financially protected on holiday thanks to their ATOL Protection status. ATOL Protection is a certificate from the Civil Aviation Authority and is indicative of the high level of credibility and trustworthiness of travel agent holding it.

So, thanks to their dedication in offering the best deals, international expertise and excellent customer service, thousands of customers choose Southall Travel to take them away on the holidays of their dreams.

Southall Travel World Reaching Destinations | Southall Travel

There are few more exhilarating experiences than seeing the world. Experiencing incredible views and fantastic new cultures doesn’t just provide a short term thrill; it provides new perspectives on our own lives, opens our minds to new possibilities, and moulds us into wiser individuals.

Globetrotting can tend to cost a fair amount however. This is where Southall Travel comes in; they operate a ‘best price guarantee’ to ensure their customers can enjoy every wonder of the world, for a fraction of the normal price. By visiting their website, visitors can see just how wide ranging and affordable their travel deals can be.

Southall Travel

With Southall Travel, intrepid adventurers on a budget can afford to explore destinations that reach across some of the most awe inspiring corners of the planet;

The Middle East

The Middle East provides the perfect fusion of old and new. Home to mesmerising deserts and some of the oldest human remains on Earth, the Middle East has also recently become a region of incredible exuberance and growth. Fantastic cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi rise out of the ancient desert like futuristic oases.

India and the Indian Ocean

India is a unique land of colour and wonder. With its vibrant and exciting economy continuing to grow, there has never been a better time to experience the wonders of India. Or, venture out into the serene beauty of the Indian Ocean. Islands like the Mauritius and the Maldives are the quintessential tropical paradises.

Far East

Distant and fascinatingly exotic, experiencing Far Eastern destinations like Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore provides unforgettable experiences of cultures totally unlike anything in Europe.


Africa is home to some of the most beautiful natural sights on the planet, with sweeping deserts, dense jungles, the rolling savannah and even the second highest mountain range of Earth. Visiting somewhere like South Africa, you can witness all manner of lions, giraffes and zebras all living wild outside your door.

North America

The USA is one of the most varied nations on Earth. In New York City travellers can here over 200 languages being spoken within just a few miles. Across North America, travellers can experience America’s welcoming culture, dramatic geography and witness the sights of some of the world’s most famous Hollywood movies.

Southall Travel: Inclusive of all Holiday Types

Whether you’re looking for an exotic and luxurious sandy beach getaway, or just looking to get more for your holiday money, the experts at Southall Travel can help find all you need. Be it a spare no expense luxury vacation, or a bank-friendly budget trip, Southall Travel’s years of experience and wealth of knowledge can help to provide you with the perfect holiday tailored to all your needs.

Southall Travel

Southall Travel are also dedicated to providing customers with perfect holidays in the best and most economical way possible, so if you are amongst the more cash-conscious of us, Southall Travel can help you to get the most out of your holiday money.

Have you ever forked out a fortune for an expensive trip; flights, hotel, etc, and then found yourself begrudgingly handing over more cash for dear meals and drinks? If so, you might want to consider one of the great all inclusive holidays Southall Travel has to offer. With all drinks and food included, you can relax and enjoy your holiday without the worry of spending more than the set price up front.

A holiday should be designed to relax and de-stress, not create more stress in the form of money troubles upon returning home. Southall Travel always have a range of all inclusive holidays on offer. Including locations all over the world and covering all price ranges, Southall Travel will have an all inclusive holiday package that suits all your holiday needs.

The beach holiday: the classic holiday that suits everyone and doesn’t have to break the bank. Whilst top end prices can easily be paid for, ultimate luxury resorts on the most remote of tropical islands, beach holidays can easily be affordable as well as enjoyable. Southall Travel have a range of beach holidays available, many on all inclusive deals. From elegance and grandeur in Dubai to the rustic charm of Hawaii, you’re sure to find a beach holiday with Southall Travel that appeals to your individuality and preferences.

Southall Travel are also experts at creating personal, tailored holiday packages for customers who are looking for something a little different to what is already advertised. You can name your location, hotel, timescale, even your airline and Southall Travel will bring it all to life in the perfect holiday package. If you’re looking for the perfect getaway break, even if it’s on a budget, Southall Travel are the travel agents for you!

Tour India | A Southall Travel Exclusive

In recent years, India has grown in popularity as a holiday destination. Whilst India has always been a ‘must’ on every traveller’s checklist, no longer is it just the larger attractions, such as the magnificent Taj Mahal, that attract tourists and holiday makers from all over the world. India boasts a magnificently rich history, vibrant culture and colourful and atmospheric experience that many are realising make the perfect foundations for an unforgettable adventure. Southall Travel, with years of experience in Indian and Asian destinations, is proud to offer exclusive and exciting tours reaching across the different, but equally astounding, regions of India.

Southall Travel

From the Arabian Sea, to sandy beaches, to bustling market towns, to exotic plants and wildlife; India has so much to offer to tourists and visitors. The all inclusive holiday packages offered by Southall Travel promise to make a holiday to be remembered for years to come. Southall Travel’s Indian tours consist of a range of holiday packages, all covering different time scales, locations and interests.

You could be setting off into ‘Tea and Spice’ country, spending your days amidst the picturesque rolling hills and tea plantations, enjoy India’s breathtaking coastline and the stunning beaches to be found there, plus immersing yourself in true Indian culture and cuisine through visits to local villages. Or you could find yourself musing around one of the larger cities’ galleries and museums, discovering the rich history and religion, and admiring the ancient architecture on display.

No matter your idea of the perfect holiday, Southall Travel will have an all inclusive Indian tour to suit you. India really does have something for everyone; lakes and rolling hills, sunny sandy beaches, big cities full of history, and smaller towns bursting with Indian culture. Why not consider India as a rewarding alternative to your usual holiday destination?

Southall Travel, who originally only dealt with Asian travel destinations, have all the necessary knowledge, experience and expertise to plan an amazing holiday for any customer. With Southall Travel’s dedication to finding customers the best deals, their all inclusive India packages are not only unbeatable, but not to be missed. Now is your chance to begin your journey towards an amazing and unforgettable travel experience; get in touch with Southall Travel today.

Top Travel Destinations | Southall Travel

Each year, different destinations around the world are awarded status as a top travel location, and enthusiastic adventurers are always keen to know what the next travel hotspot will be. The year 2013 saw locations such as Austria, Thailand and Bulgaria and increase drastically in popularity, whilst 2012’s hotspots of Brazil, Germany’s Hamburg, and Portugal’s Algarve faded out of the spotlight. The question on every traveller’s lips, now, is: what will 2014 hold?

There is much speculation about which destinations will be the most popular to visit in 2014. Of course, there is no real way of predicting where people will fancy flying to on holiday, but there are a few indications that give hints.

Rio de Janeiro

The next football World Cup is set to take place in 2014, in Brazil’s capital Rio de Janeiro. Brazil is often referred to as a football-fanatic country, and Rio will, without a doubt, be busy, bustling and buzzing next summer. Aside from football, Rio de Janeiro is an incredible capital city that has always been very popular with travellers. It boasts many tourist attractions and sights, such as the famous Cristo Redentor statue, and as a city is an incredibly rewarding place to visit. There’s little doubt that Rio de Janeiro will be a popular destination next year; people from all over the world will flock there, either for the football, or just to be part of everything that Rio has to offer.

It is also predicted that low cost locations, such as Eastern European countries, will becoming increasingly popular next year, as holidaymakers start to feel the pinch on the pounds, and want to get more for their money. Countries such as Bulgaria, Romania and Monte Negro are not typically considered as beach holiday destinations, but the beaches of Black and Adriatic seas should not be underestimated. With miles of beautiful coastline, dramatic scenery and plenty of sunshine, these unlikely destinations have everything a traveller wants from a beach holiday. What’s more, though, is that these countries are incredibly inexpensive. An experienced travel agent, such as Southall Travel, can advise you about exchange rates and visiting one of these beautiful countries.

No matter where you choose for your 2014 holiday, it’s always best to seek the advice and help of a reliable travel agent. Agents, such as Southall Travel, can share years of knowledge and experience with you, and can help you to get the best deal and make the most of your holiday.

Spending Christmas Abroad | Southall Travel

Whilst to many, Christmas is a time of relaxation, festivities and family, there are many who find it an incredibly stressful period of the year. Christmas time can be expensive, involve a lot of travelling about, and can be generally quite chaotic. Many people prefer to go abroad for Christmas, allowing them to escape the madness and truly relax throughout the festive season. Top travel agents like Southall Travel can recommend the best destinations to head to during the holidays, as well as a variety of choices.

Southall TravelMany people seek winter sun holiday over the Christmas period. The bitter cold weather and short and dark days can seem bleak and disheartening to many people, and so heading to somewhere exotic and sunny is the perfect way to perk up for Christmas. The Caribbean is a classic Christmas holiday location for those of us looking for something a little warmer weather-wise. Heading to Cuba or the Dominican Republic, for example, can also prove to be very cost effective and much cheaper than you would imagine.

Or, on the opposite side of the globe, Thailand makes for an alternative tropical holiday destination. If you don’t fancy that, why not consider India? India offers a range of luxury resorts, warm weather and a vibrant culture to form the perfect opportunity for ultimate relaxation. Southall Travel, having dealt with trips and flights to India for years, can offer impartial and expert advice, as well as finding the best and most economical deals on travel to India.

If sun, sand and shoreline are not your idea of a Christmas getaway, don’t despair, as there are plenty of spectacular winter locations that are perfect for the festive season. Perhaps the most obvious of these, is Lapland, Finland. The home of Santa Claus himself, Lapland is a perfect destination for families with young children. What better way to really experience the magic of Christmas and Santa Claus than to spend it at his home in Lapland?

For a more intimate, romantic Christmas getaway, you might consider the Czech Republic’s capital city, Prague. Each winter, crisp, white snow layers the entire city, creating the perfect scene and atmosphere for the holiday period. Prague’s infamous Christmas markets are well worth exploring and warming up with a glass of Czech plum brandy afterwards is a must. For more information about travelling abroad for Christmas, consult your local travel agent. As many satisfied Southall Travel customers will tell you, the help and knowledge of a travel agent is hugely beneficial when planning your festive escape, leaving you with more space and time to relax.

Southall Travel: offering excitement and thrills, rest and rejuvenation!

Las Vegas is considered the ultimate playground, and is famed all over the world for its decadent Southall Travelexcess and fantastic facilities. When you’re booking a trip to Las Vegas with Southall Travel, you won’t be disappointed by the Circus Circus Hotel. It is the fifth largest hotel worldwide, and features the Adventuredome, the biggest indoor theme park in the United States. With Southall Travel, a thrilling holiday like this doesn’t have to cost the earth. Prices start at £569, and include taxes and flights; so you can have the holiday of a lifetime without going broke!

The Circus Circus hotel offers the best facilities, all designed to ensure that your stay is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. When you arrive courtesy of Southall Travel, you might want to recharge your batteries by relaxing in one of their tastefully decorated and luxurious rooms.  As you recline, you can enjoy a drink from the mini bar that is featured in every room; and look forward to the exciting and impressive entertainments that lie ahead!

The Adventuredome is a theme park within the hotel, the likes of which you have probably never experienced before! If you’re brave and looking for fast and furious thrills; take a trip on the Canyon Blaster, a rollicking rollercoaster that reaches speeds of 55 miles per hour! Equally exciting is the Disk’O, in which you’ll be spun around to dizzying proportions; and in which everyone gets a seat right at the front, enhancing an adrenaline fuelled rush that is second to none!  Southall Travel customers enjoying the Adventuredome can also indulge in indoor rock climbing and bungee jumping; which provide further thrills and physical challenges. For younger customers, or those who simply prefer a more sedate pace, the miniature golf and clown shows are fun ways to soak up the atmosphere.

Southall Travel knows that when you’re booking a holiday, you want to know that you’ll have lots of opportunities to relax and recharge. That’s why they have chosen the Circus Circus hotel. You can enjoy an invigorating swim or morning of horse riding with trained experts. Whether you’re a fan of golf or gambling, you’ll find your tastes are catered for. After all that activity, rewind with with a trip to the hotel sauna, spa or steam room; or opt for the ultimate in indulgence and enjoy all three! When you book a holiday to Circus Circus in Las Vegas with Southall Travel, you can look forward to excitement and thrills, rest and rejuvenation: what more could you ask for?!